1000 Mile Challenge

How to roll it out

Once your organisation has signed up for our 1,000 Mile Challenge we will introduce you to your Account Manager who will be your primary contact going forward. They will deal with any issues or questions you have and will ensure that everything runs smoothly for you for the duration of the challenge. Where possible we want to support your internal marketing and promotion and will provide the following to aid this:

  • a draft communications plan. We will happily work with you to make any amendments to better suit your business model.
  • a suite of creative materials including email marketing campaigns and poster templates that you can use to promote the challenge internally and drive employee interest and participation.
  • an online registration platform for individual participant registration. Any information that employees volunteer is confidential and we treat data security with the highest priority.
  • access to our support desk who will help resolve any registration issues.
  • a bespoke company website which provides company and individual participation pages, access to the leader boards, supportive health and wellbeing advice.
  • in-challenge emails to keep participants informed about all aspects of the challenge and encourage participants to complete the challenge.


Our prices range from £10 – £30 per head depending on participant numbers. Please contact us on 0207 099 8895 or info@goldchallenge.org for more information on the challenge and your requirements.