1000 Mile Challenge

The 1,000 Mile Challenge is a healthy living & physical activity challenge that provides everyone with a programme to improve their health and fitness whilst having fun and working together as a team. The challenge is designed for people of all abilities and fitness levels and aims to motivate and encourage participants to be more active, more often.

1000 Miles at a Glance

  • FREE : No setup fee and no registration fee
  • Ten week challenge
  • Individual and team options
  • Individual participant pages to log distance and track key measurements
    Leader boards for teams and individuals
  • Unique ‘Distance Calculator’ – all forms of sport and physical activity count towards the challenge


  • Branded website to host registration, progress map, FAQs and latest news
  • Free Mobile App – enabling live tracking and logging of activity
  • Email helpdesk support for participants
  • High Return On Investment – projected costs of less than £1 per hour of participant activity
  • Pre-challenge promotional emails and in-challenge participant emails
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Email helpdesk for participants
  • Post challenge survey and report summarising levels of participation and reported activity

* Subject to a minimum of 100 registrants per organisation

Choose Your Challenge

In order to engage everyone – not just those who are already fit and active – we offer three challenge options and a distance to suit everyone!

Option 1

100 miles in 10 weeks – an ideal challenge with a realistic target for anyone who’s starting out on the path to a more active lifestyle. Cover the target distance by any form of physical activity from walking, swimming and cycling to dance, yoga and exercise classes.

Option 2

1,000 miles in 10 weeks – perfect for teams of 1-5. Create a team of friends, family or colleagues to join forces to cover 1,000 miles together. Ideal for having fun together and team building, you can cover the target distance by any form of physical activity from running, walking and cycling to football, yoga and exercise classes.

Option 3

10,000 miles in 10 weeks – the ultimate challenge for teams of 1-5 people. For anyone who really wants to challenge themselves and who are already reasonably physically active. Cover the target distance by any form of physical activity from running, walking and cycling to football, yoga and exercise classes.

Distance calculator and recording activities

One of the many features of the 1,000 Mile Challenge is our unique Distance Calculator. The Distance Calculator allows all sports and physical activities to be translated into miles and count towards the challenge target. Simply enter the type of activity, intensity and duration e.g. moderate yoga or pilates class for one hour, and see your efforts translated into miles. Miles that will then count towards the your, or your team’s, overall total.

Examples of activity conversions

Activity Kilometres Earned
Walk 5 miles 5 miles
Run 10 miles 10 miles
1 hour intensive spin class 15 miles
1 hour yoga class 2.7 miles
Tennis for 45 minutes 6.12 miles


Each participant has a password protected profile page to record their personal activity data and can measure their progress against other challengers on the challenge leader boards. Participants also have the option to record and display key health numbers such as weight, BMI etc on their profile page.

Participants registering for the first time will be asked to complete a short confidential survey about their current levels of activity and health goals. At the end of the challenge they will be asked to complete the same survey again so that we can assess the healthy living benefits of the 1000 Mile Challenge . Premium customers will receive a post challenge report to help them gauge the impact of the 1,000 Mile Challenge on their organisation.

Extract from a post challenge report