1000 Mile Challenge

Success Stories

Sebastian Coe, CH, KBE
“The 2014 Challenge is a great initiative that builds on the legacy of London 2012. It’s a fun, free way for everyone across the UK to become fitter and healthier and celebrate the upcoming Commonwealth Games.”
Newham Resident, Female, 40
“This Challenge helped to maintain the fitness programme I started to lose weight and improve my health. All my friends notice the difference in my body shape and my fitness levels.”
Public Health England Employee
“Thoroughly enjoyed the challenge and it has brought our office a lot closer together. Thank you for arranging it.”
Jeremy Hunt, Secretary of State for Health
“The Gold Challenge is a fantastic opportunity for people of all ages and abilities – including young people and those with disabilities – to participate in sports and raise substantial sums for a range of charities. I hope the whole nation gets behind it and wish it the very best of luck for the future.”
Participant 1
“After undergoing surgery in 2015, taking part in the challenge provided David the extra motivation he needed to return to health.
He began by building walks from 160 feet (50 metres) to in excess of five miles (eight kilometres) a day and cycling 23 miles (37 kilometres) by the end of the programme. He says the activity and support from colleagues helped “build my confidence and achieve my goals. I admire anyone who has been in hospital for any reason, or unwell for any length of time. They will know that recovery means different things to different people. However, I can guarantee that no one can do this alone. The support I have received from my colleagues is remarkable. What I want to bring to the fore is what the challenge has meant to me. I am physically fitter than I was a year ago and 26 pounds (12 kilograms) lighter. I just need to carry on the good work and get back to work.”
Particpant 2
“I have a disability making exercising challenging as I need a companion to go out walking. When I first joined the challenge in 2010 I realised how helpful regular exercise is. At that time, I managed to shed off nearly 20 Kgs weight and normalised my high blood pressure. The annual challenge is helpful to remind me to keep up with the routine.
In 2016 I have started to use part of my lunch break for a short walk outside with work colleagues and evening walks with my wife. The walks have been refreshing and give me extra socialising time. I will aim to keep this up as an easy win for maintaining general health both mentally and physically. My team has had great fun with the various bonus competitions and we used the mascot photo as a team building session. I am feeling revitalised.”
Particpant 3
“I do quite a bit of exercise and generally have a reasonable diet, so when I went along to the free blood pressure and cholesterol check at my place of work this week I was not pleased to find that my blood pressure was above where it should be and my cholesterol was a lot higher than it should be! On the more positive side though, I’ve been told that if I make an effort I should be able to achieve an improvement in both by the time I have them checked again in one month’s time. That means that the challenge is an important part of incentivising myself to add a bit more exercise to my weekly norm AND to take a look at my eating habits!”