Bespoke Challenges

Information for Charities

Looking for innovative ways to fundraise? We can help you create a challenge to encourage people to support your charity. Using our integrated web, mobile platform, and experience in launching and supporting challenges, we can help you create fun and effective physical activity challenges for your charity.

Since Gold Challenge launched in 2010 over £1.5 million has been raised for the 150 charity partners that Gold Challenge has worked with. These have included such household names as Cancer Research UK, Oxfam, the NSPCC and Help for Heroes.

Our challenges can help you:

  • Provide a unique way to engage with charity supporters
  • Keep your supporters engaged all year round
  • Re-engage with historical fundraisers by offering something new
  • Access a wider audience due to its virtual nature

Our approach is to work closely with you to create a customised programme are aligned with your goals, brand and culture.

We offer our clients the following services:

  • Consultancy – to devise the optimal challenge given your organisation’s objectives and target demographic
  • Individual and Team Options – to maximise participation
  • Branded Website – including all necessary information on the challenge and personalised webpages for participants
  • Branded Mobile App – to allow participants to measure and log times and distances
  • Bespoke Registration – to collect demographic and contact data, choice of challenge (where relevant) and all necessary permissions and authorisations
  • Participant Recruitment – which can include selling-in to employees, schools, colleges, community groups, sporting groups and the general public as required
  • Participant Support & Communications – including welcome emails, help desk, in challenge encouragement and incentives, post challenge congratulations and signposting to future activity
  • Before, During and After Surveys – to collect feed-back from participants and data on completion rates and behavioural change
  • Health & Fitness Tools – to monitor before and after changes in health & fitness
  • Client Reporting – including registrations, recorded completions, survey results, and anonymised aggregated demographic data
  • Translations – of all of the above into every major language