Bespoke Challenges

Information for Public Sector Employees

We can provide you a programme that is fully inclusive, highly scalable, extremely cost-effective, and provides exceptional return on investment.

Our challenges can help you promote health, wellbeing, performance and team spirit amongst your workforce. The UK loses 13.7 million working days each year as a result of work-related illness; we therefore believe it is time for individuals to take their lifestyle choices and health seriously and for companies to promote wellbeing as part of their business culture and wider social responsibility.

In Spring 2014, Gold Challenge was commissioned to run an employee engagement programme for a major Public Sector employer in the UK. The aim of the challenge was to inspire staff to lead a more active lifestyle.

The challenge was extremely popular, with 15% of the workforce recording over 25,000 hours of physical activity during an 8 week period. There was a 15% increase in physical activity amongst the workforce post the 8 week challenge period, with staff also reporting perceived health and fitness benefits. The challenge was also reported to have had a positive effect on working relationships and team integration.

Using our integrated web, mobile platform, and experience in launching and supporting challenges, we can help you create fun and effective healthy living and activity challenges for your workplace.

We offer our clients the following services:

  • Consultancy – to devise the optimal challenge given your organisation’s objectives and target demographic
  • Individual and Team Options – to maximise participation
  • Branded Website – including all necessary information on the challenge and personalised webpages for participants
  • Branded Mobile App – to allow participants to measure and log times and distances
  • Bespoke Registration – to collect demographic and contact data, choice of challenge (where relevant) and all necessary permissions and authorisations
  • Participant Recruitment – which can include selling-in to employees, schools, colleges, community groups, sporting groups and the general public as required
  • Before, During and After Surveys – to collect feed-back from participants and data on completion rates and behavioural change
  • Health & Fitness Tools – to monitor before and after changes in health & fitness
  • Client Reporting – including registrations, recorded completions, survey results, and anonymised aggregated demographic data
  • Translations – of all of the above into every major language