Million Mile Challenge

Benefits of Participating in the Million Mile Challenge


Through increasing day to day activity, individual participants will enjoy improved:

  • self-esteem and mood,
  • sleep quality, and energy
  • brain alertness and mental health
  • concentration levels and personal productivity.

And reduce the risk of :

  • high blood pressure
  • heart disease
  • strokes
  • certain cancers
  • depression

The Challenge is adaptable to the activity interests, habits or goals of to any individual of any age from any type of background or whatever current level of activity, inactivity or disability.

It will bring communities together, thereby building social cohesion and local resilience; combating social isolation and reaching those communities, groups, and individuals that traditionally have been hardest to reach and motivate.

Benefits include :

  • Community Engagement – increasing participation for existing local health and wellbeing programmes, activities and community events.
  • Improving Community Health and Well Being – improving mental and physical health and reducing the risk of range of diseases
  • Employees – Reducing absenteeism; increasing attendance by up to 23.5%; increasing productivity and morale of employees (*BUPA, 2015)
  • Health Messaging Consistency – providing cohesive messaging around health and activity; reducing inactivity-related conditions, decreasing healthcare service utilisation
  • Social Cohesion – bringing together diverse parts of any community to build resilience and reduce social isolation
  • Sustainability – reducing CO2 emissions through more active travel
  • Partnerships – developing mutually beneficial, sustainable working partnerships
  • Fundraising – providing local clubs, schools and third sector organisations opportunities for charitable fundraising
  • Volunteering – encouraging and providing more local opportunities for residents to give their time within their communities.
  • Data – using monitoring data to provide the right services and to fill the service gaps as well as to demonstrate effectiveness and value for money to help with sourcing funding
  • Signposting – providing information for local activities and community events
  • Targeting – helping to enable the directing services and funding to groups, areas and activities that are the focus of current local strategies (e.g. local estates, areas of deprivation) or key activities

Commercial Partners

Commercial partners will benefit from a package of rights that will include not only visibility to Million Mile Challenge participants and participating organisations online but also at local events and to the wider networks of clients and other local delivery partners

Above all, year on year, every community will want to continue participating because the Million Mile Challenge will always make going the extra mile together, FUN!

More Information

Please contact us on for more information on the challenge and your requirements.